Velo: Compute Features

Improve your site's performance and handle more backend requests with a compute platform upgrade to your premium plan. Check out the feature differences below.

Backend containers

Velo backend code for Wix sites is run in containers. A container is a package of software containing everything that is needed for its code to run in any environment. You can think about it as a virtual computer being used to run the site’s code. Containers are limited by the amount of computing resources that are allotted for them.

There are 2 types of containers available for Wix sites:

  • Micro containers: Include 1 vCPU for processing and 400 MB of RAM.
  • Standard containers: Include 2 vCPUs for processing and 600 MB of RAM.

Higher tier premium plans include more containers. If your site needs to perform a lot of operations that require large amounts of processing or memory, it may benefit from a plan that includes more containers.

Backend requests

Wix limits the frequency of your backend requests and the amount of time a request can take. The following section will explain how.

Backend requests per minute

Wix limits the number of requests that can be made from your site's frontend code to its backend code. Once the quota is reached, any backend requests sent for the rest of the minute are not processed.

If your site exceeds the quota, any additional requests within a 1-minute window are blocked and you receive a 429 response code. For each throttled request, the following error message is displayed in your site log:

/backend/<fileName>.js(w)/<functionName> was throttled because your site exceeded the maximum number of backend requests per minute.

The failed request also is displayed on your site’s monitoring dashboard.

Backend request timeouts

When frontend code on a site makes requests to backend code, a request is made to a Wix server. Wix places limits on how long the code on the server can run before it times out. If it takes longer, you receive a 504 response code.

If your execution exceeds the quota, the code might still execute, but the connection to the client is closed, so the results do not appear in the frontend. The following error message is displayed in your site log:

/backend/<fileName>.js(w)/<functionName> timed out because it exceeded the maximum execution time.

The failed request also is displayed on your site’s monitoring dashboard.

Optimize your requests

To avoid reaching the limits for data requests, read about how to optimize your requests. You can also upgrade your plan to receive larger limits for your data requests.

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