Velo: Copying and Deleting Coded Sites, Pages, and Elements

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Duplicating Pages and Sites

There are a variety of ways that you can duplicate pages in your Wix site. In all cases, whether you are duplicating an individual page or your entire site, or cloning or transferring a site, the code and events in your site are maintained in the new copy of the page or site. 

Deleting Elements

When you delete an element that has events associated with it, any associated code is not deleted, but the event wiring is. For example, let's say you have a button named button2 to which you've added a click event so that it toggles whether image3 shows or hides, like this:


If you delete button2 from your page, the code for the event is not deleted. However, the event wiring is deleted. This means that if you add a new button to your site and rename it button2, the wiring is not in effect and the above code doesn't run when the button is clicked.

Duplicating Elements

When you copy and paste an element that has events associated with it, the element is copied but without any of its events, wiring, or code. 

Warning: If you create a Wix site with Velo that someone else can edit, they need to understand the limitations of what they can do with the elements. For more information, see Building a Client Site in Velo.

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