Velo: Working with Concurrent Editing in Editor X

Editor X supports concurrent editing, allowing multiple people to work on the same site at the same time. When working with Velo in Editor X however, only one person can edit code at a time. The first developer to turn on Dev Mode gets read-write access, is able to edit the code, make changes in the Properties and Events Panel, and in the Velo Sidebar. Other developers can turn on Dev Mode and view, select, and copy the code in read-only mode until the first developer finishes working. For developers in read-only mode, the code Editor, Velo Sidebar, and Properties and Events panel are disabled. If any changes are made by the developer currently in read-write mode, developers in read-only mode are able to see the changes after as they occur. 

How It Works:

When turning on Dev Mode in Editor X, you’ll see your avatar on the left side of the top bar. When another developer is in read-write mode, you’ll get a notice at the bottom of your page that you are currently in read-only mode. 

You’ll also see a special badge next to their avatar:

**How to go from Read-Only to Read-Write mode

**If the developer in read-write mode closes the editor or turns off Dev Mode, their avatar will disappear from the top bar. If the developer in read-write mode is inactive, you can hover on their avatar to see how long they were active for. If they were inactive for 10 minutes or more, their avatar and special badge fades. In both these scenarios, developers in read-only mode get a notice that they can now edit the code. When this occurs, the first developer to click the Edit Code button in the notice will have read-write access.

Note: If you are in read-write mode, and have the same site open in the Editor in 2 tabs, you'll only be able to edit code in 1 of the tabs.

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