Build a custom Wix Business app page

Note: This feature is not yet available to all users.

You can replace some of the Wix's default app pages, such as the Booking Calendar or the Plans & Pricing page, with your own customized versions. This enables you to modify or extend the page’s design and functionality to suit your precise business needs.

Note: Custom app pages are available only on Wix Editor.

To implement the custom page's functionality and integrate it into the app's page flow, you need to add code to the page and use Velo APIs.

Your code has to do several things:

  1. Fetch data from the Wix app about the content to display.
  2. Handle UI initialization and interactions, and implement any customized business logic.
  3. Direct users to the next page in the app's flow.

For detailed instructions on how to implement each type of custom page, see:

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