To use the React SDK, install the @wix/sdk-react package using npm or Yarn:

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npm install @wix/sdk-react


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yarn add @wix/sdk-react

Then import WixProvider along with other functionality you need from @wix/sdk-react, including an authentication strategy and the hooks you'll use:

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import { WixProvider, OAuthStrategy, useWixModules } from '@wix/sdk-react';

Next, add a WixProvider to your React project an set the authentication information:

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clientId: '<CLIENT_ID>',

Finally, call the useWixModules() hook within the WixProvider to get an initialized instance of a Wix SDK module and call its functions:

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import { products } from '@wix/stores';
const { queryProducts } = useWixModules(products);
const { items: productList } = await queryProducts().find();
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