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We're always adding and updating the JavaScript SDK APIs, and we want you to have one place to find all of our latest changes and additions.

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New Function and Component:
Dashboard React SDK


The Dashboard React SDK has two new features:

  • PageLink: A React component for rendering links to dashboard pages.
  • usePageLocation(): A React hook that provides access to the currently rendered dashboard page's location data.

(February 12, 2024)

New Function:
Dashboard SDK


The Dashboard SDK has a new function called getPageUrl(). Use this function to retrieve the URL for a dashboard page using that page's ID.

(February 12, 2024)

New Developer Preview API:
Blog Draft Posts


The Blog DraftPosts API allows you to manage unpublished blog posts.

Functionality includes:

(December 31, 2023)

Temporarily Removed: Tasks API


The Tasks API is being temporarily removed in preparation for replacement by a new version.

(December 25, 2023)

Removed: Workflows API


The Workflows API is being discontinued and will no longer be supported moving forward. Please remove any code that uses the Workflows API.

(December 19, 2023)

New Function:
Media API


The Media Manager Files API now includes a new function:

  • bulkImportFile() imports a bulk of files to the Media Manager using external URLs. This replaces bulkImportFiles() which has been deprecated and will be removed on March 31, 2024.

(December 14, 2023)

New Developer Preview API:
Table Reservations

The Table Reservations API provides all the functionality required to create and manage restaurant table reservations.

It contains the following APIs:

  • Reservations: Creates and manages restaurant table reservations.
  • Reservation Locations: Provides location information and configures reservation settings for individual restaurants.
  • Time Slots: Retrieves availability information for time slots at a reservation location.

(December 11, 2023)

New Developer Preview API:


The Reviews API allows you to manage reviews for a site's services, content, or products. The review object holds the content of the review, a rating score, images or video media, and information about the author.

Functionality includes:

(Devember 7, 2023)

New Developer Preview API:
Site Properties


The Site Properties API provides functionality for managing your site's business information.

Functionality includes:

(October 17, 2023)

New API:


The Members API provides functionality for creating and managing the members of your site.

Functionality includes:

(September 20, 2023)

New Fields:
Pricing Plans


The Plans object has a new formId field, which is the ID of the order form associated with a plan at checkout.

The Orders object has a new formData object, which contains the following fields:

  • formId: the ID of the order form associated with a plan at checkout.
  • submissionId: the ID of the plan's order form submitted at checkout.
  • submissionData: the data submitted to the plan's order form at checkout.

(August 31, 2023)

New Developer Preview API: Wix Form Submissions


The new Wix Forms Submissions API provides functionality for managing the submissions to your forms.

Functionality includes:

Note: This module is in Developer Preview.

(August 24, 2023)

New Developer Preview API: Wix eCom Recommendations


The new Wix eCom Recommendations API provides functionality for recommending items to your customers.

Functionaly includes:

Note: This module is in Developer Preview.

(August 9, 2023)

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