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Note: This module requires a Wix site with a frontend interface created in the Wix Editor. If you are developing a site or app on an external platform, and are interacting with Wix APIs via Wix Headless, don't use this module.

Wix's reCAPTCHA element allows you to set up challenge-response authentication for Wix site visitors to determine whether they are human or a bot. Use the reCAPTCHA element to verify that site visitors are human before allowing them to perform restricted operations. When a Wix site visitor successfully completes the challenge-response authentication, a CAPTCHA token is generated.

If your Wix site communicates with an external server, and the restricted operation is handled in your external server-side code, use authorize() in your server-side code to validate the token before executing the operation.

However, if the restricted operation is handled in your backend Wix site code, refer to the this guide on how to use reCAPTCHA validation in Velo for instructions.

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