About Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings allows a business owner to set up a system to accept and manage bookings for services.

Some examples of Wix Bookings use cases are:

  • Beauty & wellness services: e.g., book a haircut or a massage
  • Fitness services: e.g., book a yoga class or a private training session
  • Education services: e.g., book a programming course or a personal math tutor

Learn more how site collaborators can create and manage their bookings.

Wix Bookings APIs include:

  • Services: Manage the specific offerings this business provides
  • Catalog: View a list of all the different services this business provides
  • Resources: Manage each of the business staff members, locations/rooms, and equipment that can be “booked” or linked to a booking
  • Bookings: Manage bookings to individual services - create, update and cancel bookings for services
  • Calendar: A broad view of the business calendar, where you can easily view sessions available for booking, sessions taught per staff member, and so on
  • Schedules and Sessions: Manage the individual schedules of each resource (staff member, location, and so on) and sessions
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