Wix Bookings Terminology

Wix Bookings allows a business owner to set up a system to accept and manage bookings for services.

This article contains a comprehensive list of the various terms and concepts used in all of Wix Bookings and its APIs.

AppointmentA specific time slot that a customer can book in a calendar. For example, your hair salon may be open for business from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and a customer can book a session at any available time during the day.
Appointment scheduleThe schedule determines when customers can book a session. Bookability is determined using the specified session's duration, the time between sessions, and the schedules of staff members who provide the service.
For example, given the following scheduling criteria for a business offering haircuts, the schedule allows customers to book sessions from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM with the possibility of booking a maximum of 9 sessions per day:
- The business offers a 30-minute haircut service.
- The schedule allows customers to book 30-minute sessions with 30 minutes between each session.
- The staff members are available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
AvailabilityFree time on a schedule that customers can book.
BookingInformation about the service that the customer has booked. A booking can be thought of as an order placed by a customer for a service. Includes details about the time, location, participants, and price.
Business ownerThe owner of the business offering services that are managed on the Wix site. May or may not be the site owner. This person makes logical, business decisions regarding bookings, such as whether to decline a booking.
CalendarGeneral overview about the availability and bookings of the business, including its services and resources. Manage your appointments, classes and courses on the calendar.
CANCELED status (Booking)A status indicating that the booking has been canceled by the site owner or the customer. Cancel bookings using the Cancel Booking endpoint.
CatalogA list of all the different services a business provides.
Category (Service)The category to which the service belongs.
Choice (Pricing)A specific value for a service option the customer can choose to book. For example, the service option ageGroup may have these choices: child, student, adult, and senior. Each choice may have a different price.
ClassA single session or a set of sessions that are offered on specific days and at specific times. Classes can be scheduled on different days, at different times, with different resources, such as staff members. Customers can sign up for single sessions or a class's recurring sessions. For example, a language school offers a beginner's Spanish class every Monday at 8:00 PM. Customers can join the session they want and don't have to commit to attending all sessions.
Class scheduleFor classes and courses, the business decides when to schedule a session. This is in contrast to appointments, where the customer decides when to book a session. For classes and courses, the schedule is used to manage the available sessions and holds some aggregated information, such as the start time and end time of a course.
CONFIRMED status (Booking)A status indicating that the site owner has confirmed the booking and it appears in the business calendar. You can confirm your bookings in one of the following ways:
- Automatically. Bookings are automatically confirmed when the service is configured to do so and the order is approved during the checkout process. An automatic confirmation includes checking availability.
- Manually. You can manually confirm a booking using Confirm Or Decline Booking.
CourseA multi-session course, or a workshop that starts and ends on a particular day. For example, an academic course or fitness boot camp.
Course scheduleFor classes and courses, the business decides when to schedule a session. This is in contrast to appointments, where the customer decides when to book a session. For classes and courses, the schedule is used to manage the available sessions and holds some aggregated information, such as the start time and end time of a course.
DepositAmount the customer must pay immediately when checking out the booking.
Double bookingA double booking is when a customer attempts to book an already-reserved service. This can occur, for example, when multiple customers try to check out at the same time or when the business owner manually confirms more bookings than the service's capacity allows.
Extended bookingIn addition to basic booking information, an extended booking contains additional extended details, such as attendance, and whether the booking can be refunded or rescheduled.
External calendarA calender hosted by a 3rd-party calendar service.
External calendar connectionA linkage established between a Wix site’s calendar and one or more external calendars, to enable importing and/or exporting calendar events.
External calendar eventA single session or recurring session instance that appears in a specific block of time in a calendar, such as an appointment or class.
External calendar providerThe 3rd-party service providing an external calendar. For example: Google, Apple, or Microsoft.
External calendar resourceA resource not necessarily related to Wix Bookings resources that owns a scheduler in Wix Bookings and has a calendar external to Wix Bookings. For example, a staff member in a business registered with Wix Bookings that also has a Gmail account and a Google calendar.
FormThe booking form used to collect the customer's input while booking the service.
IntegrationProvision of extended functionality from a service provider to a Wix site. The extended functionality is implemented by the 3rd-party service provider using their API, and made available to the Wix site using Wix SPIs. For example, you, as a pricing provider, can offer custom varied pricing options to a Wix site using the Wix Bookings Pricing Integration REST SPI.
Locked sessionA session that customers cannot book due to business reasons, such as the session being full and having a waitlist, or because an administrator wants to manually screen each customer before adding a customer to a session.
MemberSomeone who is a registered member in the Wix site and has a login.
MerchantThe business that offers services that the public (customers) can book. The merchant's business is on a Wix site.
Option (Pricing)The pricing possibilities for the service. For example, a service may have different options based on which staff member provides the service, the age of the customer, the time of the appointment, or the type of equipment. Each option has a list of supported choices. Options may affect the service price.
PENDING status (Booking)A status indicating that the booking is waiting to be confirmed or declined. Bookings in PENDING status are displayed in the business calendar. Bookings are automatically set as PENDING when an eCommerce order related to the booking has been created.
Policy (Bookings)Terms the business wants to enforce when customers try to book a service. For example, how far in advance customers may book a service or until what point before the start of a session customers can cancel.
Pricing providerA 3rd-party app that implements custom logic for determining the price of a booking.
ResourceA business asset, like a staff member, room, or equipment that's needed to provide a service. Resources can be “booked” or linked to a booking.
ScheduleA collection of all sessions that belong to the same class, course, appointment, or resource. Schedules also comprise available slots that can still be booked. A schedule also contains information needed to calculate availability.
ServiceBusiness offering, in the form of an appointment, class, or course. For example, a fitness studio may offer a 1-hour yoga class, a 45 minute HIIT training session, and a 30 minute 1-on-1 personal training. Services can be session-based or availability-based:
- Session-based service: Generally a group session that has a set day and time, and takes place regardless of the number of participants that sign up (for example, a yoga class that takes place every Tuesday at 4:00 PM or a class that has 8 sessions that take place on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM).
- Availability-based service: Generally a 1-on-1 or group session that is available for booking, but will only take place if a participant books it (for example, a barber that is available for appointments Monday through Friday, from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM).
Status (Booking)Information about the status of the booking. Possible statuses include: CREATED, PENDING, CONFIRMED, DECLINED, WAITING-LIST, UPDATED, CANCELED
Status (Service)Information about the status of a service. Statuses include: ACTIVE, DELETED.
SessionAn occupied or reserved period of time for an appointment, class, or course, or a period of availability for a resource. You can also think of a session as a time-specific instance of a service. Sessions are the building blocks of appointments, classes, and courses. Each of these types of services comprise sessions. The collection of related sessions for a service represent the service's schedule.
SlotAn available period of time in a schedule that can be booked by a customer. While this includes existing sessions that are available for booking, it can also represent a period of time that can be booked based on the availability of a resource, such as a barber with appointments of 30 minutes each that are open for booking every weekday between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. These slots are calculated according to the constraints of the schedule.
Service Provider Interface (SPI)An API specification that is implemented by service providers on their side to provide a specific service to a Wix, such as customized tax or shipping rates. For example, you, as a pricing provider, can offer custom varied pricing options to a Wix site using the Wix Bookings Pricing Integration REST SPI.
Site ownerThe person managing the merchant's Wix site (which has Wix Bookings installed). This includes site contributors.
Suggested participant (Waitlist)When a spot opens up in a session with a waitlist, the session is locked for bookings from any participant, other than the participant that is currently in queue in the waitlist - so that only the "suggested" participant is able to book the session.
Variant (Pricing)Unique variation of the service. Variants are defined by the combination of choices. For example: {"time": "afternoon", "ageGroup": "adult", "equipment": "kettlebells"}. Each variant may have a different price.
Varied pricingThe ability to charge for services based on different factors, such as the staff member providing the service or the equipment needed.
VisitorAnyone who isn't registered as a member or hasn't logged in to the Wix site. If a visitor creates a booking they're added as a contact.
WAITING_LIST status (Booking)An indication that the booking is on a waiting list.
WaitlistA list of participants that requested to be added to a session that is fully booked, if there should be a cancelation.
Waitlist time windowHow much time a customer has to book a place in the session, before it is offered to the next customer on the waitlist.
Membership plans with Wix Pricing PlansA pre-paid bundle of services or a membership that provides access to certain services.
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