Sets or gets the value of the address input.

The value of an address input is an object of type Address.

The Address object's data will differ depending on the site visitor's input method:

  • Site visitor enters free text in the address input: Only the Address.formatted property will contain data.
  • Site visitor selects one of the Google address suggestions: The Address.formatted property and all relevant Address properties that correspond to the selected Google address will contain data.

You cannot modify the value object in-place. To change the value of an address input, do the following:

  1. Store the value object's data in a variable.
  2. Make changes to the object.
  3. Reset the value property with the modified object.


  • If an address input is connected to a dataset, setting the address input's value in code does not set the value of the connected field in the dataset. That means if you use the dataset to perform a submit, the value changed in code is not reflected in the submitted item.

  • To submit the new value using a dataset, set the field's value using the setFieldValue() function before performing the submit.

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