LionWheel Integration

The LionWheel Integration package allows you to easily integrate your Wix site with your LionWheel account, helping you manage and deliver orders from your Wix Store.

Note: LionWheel is currently only available for use in Israel.


Before using this package, set up the following:

LionWheel Platform

  1. Login to your LionWheel account.
  2. In the dashboard, click the Customers tab on the right.
  3. In the Customers panel, click the Edit icon on the left to access your LionWheel API Key.

Wix Platform

  • Add a Wix Store to your site.
Secrets Manager
  • Open the Wix Secrets Manager and create 2 secrets. Store your LionWheel key and endpoint with the following secret names. Note that LionWheel will provide you with your account endpoint.

  • velo-lionwheel-endpoint: Your LionWheel endpoint. For example,

  • velo-lionwheel-key: Your LionWheel API key

Package Content

The following backend files are included in the package. Note that the functions in this package don’t need to be called, they will run automatically when the specified events occur.


The code in this file contains an event that calls the sendOrderToLionwheel() function with a customer’s order information upon payment of a new order in your Wix store.

  • wixStores_onOrderPaid(event)

    Gets customer order information and calls the sendOrderToLionwheel() function with that information when a customer submits payment for a new order in your Wix store.


The functions in this file send the new order to LionWheel and create a fulfillment for the order when the order is paid. You don't call these functions directly, they run when the onOrderPaid event is triggered. The file includes the following functions:

  • sendOrderToLionwheel(data)

    Uses the fetch() API to send the customer’s order details to LionWheel.

  • createFulfillmentl(fulfillmentData, orderData)

    Uses the createFulfillment() API to create a fulfillment for the customer’s order with data from LionWheel.


How to Use the Package

This package does not require you to add any code to your site. To use this package, you only need to complete the tasks in the Setup section.

Once a customer submits payment for an order, the following occurs:

  • You should see the order in your LionWheel Deliveries panel.

  • A fulfillment is created with LionWheel as the shipping provider.

Release Notes

1.0 Initial version.


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