Bringg Integration

The Bringg Integration package allows you to easily integrate your Wix site with your Bringg account, helping you manage and send customer orders for delivery from your Wix Store.


Before using this package, set up the following:

Bringg Platform

  1. Create a Bringg account, or login if you have an existing account.

  2. On the top right corner of your dashboard, click your avatar and navigate to your profile Settings. On the left side, click the Webhooks & API tab.

  3. Under API Type, use the Action dropdown and select Create Order. Click Add Service. To learn more, click here.

  4. A URL is generated containing your 2 Bringg keys:{YOUR_SERVICE_UUID1}/{YOUR_SERVICE_UUID2}.

Wix Platform

  1. Add a Wix Store to your site.
  2. Config file: In the config.js file located in your backend code, set the order title property to the name you want for your order's title. This order title will be displayed in your Bringg Dispatch panel.
Secrets Manager
  • Open the Wix Secrets Manager and create 2 secrets. Store your Bringg keys with the following secret names:

    velo-bringg-serviceUUID1: Your Bringg service UUID1

    velo-bringg-serviceUUID2: Your Bringg service UUID2

Package Content

The following backend files are included in the package. Note that the functions in this package don’t need to be called, they will run automatically when the specified events occur.


The code in this file contains an event that calls the internal package function createBringgOrder() with a customer’s order information upon payment of a new order in your Wix store.

  • wixStores_onOrderPaid(event)

    This event runs when when a customer submits payment for a new order in your Wix store. The event gets order information and calls the createBringgOrder() function with that information to send the new order to Bringg.


The code in this file builds the relevant object with a customer’s order details and uses the fetch() API to send the new order to Bringg.


The code in this editable file sets the text you want for your order's title.

How to Use the Package

This package does not require you to add any code to your site. To use this package, you only need to complete the tasks in the Setup section.

Once a customer submits payment for an order, you should see the order in your Bringg Dispatch panel:


Release Notes

1.0 Initial version.


delivery, bringg, stores, orders, fulfillment

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