About Apps Made by Wix

Wix offers a range of powerful business solutions that extend the functionalities of its existing products or add new capabilities. Apps made by Wix are web apps created by Wix that site owners can use to enhance their sites. A site owner can install one or more apps made by Wix to manage specific data on their site.

You may want to access site data that is managed by an app made by Wix. When making function calls to access Wix site data, some function calls require a reference to the specific app made by Wix. For example, to add a comment with the createComment() function, pass an appId to specify where to create the comment, such as in Wix Blogs.

Other function calls may return a reference to the app made by Wix. For example, calling the getCoupon() function returns a coupon object with an appId referring to the ID of the Wix app that created the coupon, such as Wix Bookings or Wix Events.

See the following apps made by Wix and their corresponding IDs. Regardless of the function call, each app always has the same app ID.

App made by WixApp ID
Wix Bookings13d21c63-b5ec-5912-8397-c3a5ddb27a97
Wix Blog14bcded7-0066-7c35-14d7-466cb3f09103
Wix eCommerce1380b703-ce81-ff05-f115-39571d94dfcd
Wix Events140603ad-af8d-84a5-2c80-a0f60cb47351
Wix Forms14ce1214-b278-a7e4-1373-00cebd1bef7c
Wix Hotels135aad86-9125-6074-7346-29dc6a3c9bcf
Wix Inbox141fbfae-511e-6817-c9f0-48993a7547d1
Wix Invoices13ee94c1-b635-8505-3391-97919052c16f
Wix Music13bb5d67-1add-e770-a71f-001277e17c57
Wix Online Programs2936472a-a1ed-4ae5-9f71-614313a9f4e7
Wix Pay Button3575d251-42c3-4992-adff-170b2af90a2c
Wix Pricing Plans1522827f-c56c-a5c9-2ac9-00f9e6ae12d3
Wix Restaurants Orders13e8d036-5516-6104-b456-c8466db39542
Wix Stores215238eb-22a5-4c36-9e7b-e7c08025e04e
Wix Subscriptions8725b255-2aa2-4a53-b76d-7d3c363aaeea
Wix Video14409595-f076-4753-8303-9a86f9f71469
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