Welcome to Wix's Velo API Reference. This reference is your comprehensive guide to using Velo, Wix's powerful JavaScript-based development platform, to create dynamic and interactive web experiences. Velo empowers you to take full control of your site, from frontend design to backend functionality.

The API reference provides detailed documentation and code examples for all functions, event handlers, and properties that you can use to interact with various aspects of your site. To use the APIs, you’ll need a working knowledge of JavaScript, including ES2020 features.

With Velo you can:

  • Access site elements: Use the Wix Editor Elements($w) API to work with your site's elements and handle site visitor interactions.

  • Manage database collections: Programmatically interact with your site's database collections using the Wix Data API.

  • Create custom eCommerce solutions: The Wix eCommerce API allows you to manage customers' carts, checkouts, orders, and more.

New to Velo? Check out our getting started guide to get you quickly up and running with code.

Release Notes

Check out our release notes to see a list of all the latest changes, updates, and additions to our API Reference.

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