This feature is not yet available to all users or in Editor X.

Breadcrumbs help site visitors navigate from page to page on a site. For example:


With Velo, you can customize breadcrumbs items by changing their labels, links, and icons.

You can use Velo to add breadcrumbs to dynamic pages, which isn't supported in the Wix Editor.

Breadcrumbs elements consist of sets of labels, icons, and links. When the site visitor clicks a label or an icon, they navigate to that link.

Icons are vector image files from the Media Manager, an external SVG image from any web location, or a literal SVG XML string.

Breadcrumbs item links are optional. It is unnecessary, for example, to add a link for the item that represents the current page because there is no reason to navigate to it.

You can shorten the breadcrumbs trail for display purposes by using the itemsBeforeEllipsis and itemsAfterEllipsis properties and the showEllipsis() and hideEllipsis() functions to display an ellipsis instead of the middle items in the trail.

Learn more about adding a breadcrumbs element to your site.

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