Sets or gets the source of the Lottie animation.

Setting the src property changes the displayed Lottie element to the Lottie animation found at the specified src value.

Getting the src property returns the source of the current Lottie animation.

The src property can either be an external Lottie animation URL, for example, '', or a valid Lottie JSON.

A valid Lottie JSON file should follow this schema animation.json file. While your Lottie JSON file doesn't need all the key-value properties listed in this file, it must include the following properties and types for your Lottie JSON file to be valid.

"w", "h", "ip", "op"Number
"assets", "layers"Array of objects

Tip: To set the src property to a valid Lottie JSON, you can put it in a public file and import it in your page code.

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