Menus help site visitors navigate from page to page on a site. For example:


With Velo, you can customize menu items by changing their labels, links, where the item opens, and if an item displays as selected. This includes using Velo to modify site menus in real time during the visitor's stay on the site.

The following table lists available menu element types and if you can customize them with code.

Menu TypeVelo supportSubmenu support
Horizontal menusYesUp to 2 additional levels (see note below)
Vertical menusYesUp to 1 additional level
Drop-down menusYesUp to 1 additional level
Mobile menusYesUp to 1 additional level

Note: To have the option for 2 additional submenus available, you must first set your horizontal menu as an advanced menu. To set as an advanced menu, select the menu in the Velo editor, click the Settings icon, and click on Set as Advanced.

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