The Wix billing API allows you to manage billing of your customers, using invoices and price quotes.

Learn more about how you can create and manage invoices and create and manage price quotes.

With the Wix billing APIs, you can:

To use the Wix billing APIs, import wixBillingBackend from the wix-billing-backend module:


Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

Invoices is an online payment request system and not an accounting service. In order to accept payments from customers in Wix Invoices, you must set up a payment method.


  • Price Quotes: Wix Price Quotes allows you to send professional price quotes to potential customers. You can convert price quotes into invoices.

  • Invoices: Wix Invoices is a payment request system which allows you to create, send, track and manage invoices (requests for payment), as well as receive payments online.

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