onBookingScheduleUpdated( )

An event that fires when a booking's schedule is updated.

The onBookingScheduleUpdated() event handler runs when a booking's schedule is updated.

The event object includes a trigger property that describes the action that triggered the event. The trigger value is one of:

  • "OWNER_UPDATED_SESSION": The booking's session was updated by the business.
  • "MEMBER_RESCHEDULED_BOOKING": The booking was rescheduled by the member.
  • "OWNER_CANCELED_SESSION_IN_SET": A session in a set of sessions was canceled by the business. A session is part of a set when it belongs to a schedule that has "course" as one of its tags.

Note: Backend events don't work when previewing your site.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Information about a booking with an updated schedule.

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