deleteSession( )

Deletes a session from a schedule.

The deleteSession() function returns a Promise that resolves to a session ID when the session has been deleted.

Use the participantNotification property to send an email to the participants when the session is deleted. When deleting a session of type "EVENT" where a booking exists, the booking's status is updated to "CANCELED". To delete a set of recurring sessions, specify the session's recurringSessionId in the sessionId property in the parameters. When deleting a recurrence, only future instances of the recurrence are deleted.

Note: Only users with Bookings Admin permissions can delete a session. You can override the permissions by setting the suppressAuth option to true.


This endpoint requires the Manage Bookings permissions scope

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the session to delete.


An object representing the available options for deleting a session.

Return Type:Promise<string>
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