updateSession( )

Updates a session.

The updateSession() function returns a Promise that resolves when the session has been updated.

The property values specified in the sessionInfo object replace the existing values. If a property is not specified in the request it will remain unchanged. Array properties, if specified, overwrite the existing array and all of its elements.

When you update a recurring session, only the future instances of the recurrence will be updated. Changing an individual instance's start or end time will change the way updates to start and end on the recurring session affect the session instance:

Change made to the instanceEffect of changes made to the recurrence
Instance start time changed.Changes to the recurring session's start or end time will not update the instance.
Instance end time changed, changing the session's durationChanges made to the recurring session's start time will be updated on the instance while keeping the new duration, but changes to the recurring session's end time not be updated on the instance.
Updating a changed start time for an instance back to the recurring session's value.Future changes to the recurring session start and end times will update the instance's starts and end time.

Changes to properties on the recurring session, other than start and end, are always updated on the recurrence instance.

Use the options.participantNotification object to notify participants if the session has been booked.


  • Where there is no explicit timezone information, the timezone used is the business’s timezone.
  • Only users with Bookings Admin permissions can update a session. You can override the permissions by setting the suppressAuth option to true.


This endpoint requires the Manage Bookings permissions scope

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the session to update.


Information to use when updating a session.


An object representing the available options for updating a session.

Return Type:Promise<Session>
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