Using the Bookings API, you can build a customized bookings experience for customers to book and check out a service.

With the Bookings API, you can:

  • See the available slots and payment options for a service.
  • Book a service and process payment.

Learn more by reviewing this sample flow.

To use the Bookings API, import wixBookingsFrontend from the wix-bookings-frontend module:


Before you begin

It's important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • You must upgrade your site to a Premium Business Plan in order to accept bookings and receive payments.

  • To process bookings on your site, first set up your site to accept bookings as described in About Wix Bookings.


  • Resource: A business asset like a staff member, a room, or equipment needed to provide a service.

  • Booking: Information about an order placed by a customer for a service or series of services. Includes details about the time, location, participants, and price.

  • Service: A business offering that you can book. For example, a fitness studio may offer a 1-hour yoga class, a 45 minute HIIT training session, and a 30 minute 1-on-1 personal training. Wix Bookings offers 3 types of services:

    • Appointment: A specific time slot that a customer can book in a calendar.

    • Class: A single session or a set of sessions that are offered on specific days and at specific times.

    • Course: A multi-session course, or a workshop that starts and ends on a particular day. Customers sign up for the entire course and not one session.

  • Sessions: A reserved period of time for an appointment, class, or course, or a period of availability for a resource.

  • Schedule: A collection of sessions and the information needed to calculate availability.

  • Slot: An available period of time in a schedule that can be booked by a customer. While this includes existing sessions that are available for booking, it can also represent a period of time that can be booked based on the availability of a resource (for example, a barber with appointments of 30 minutes each that are open for booking every weekday between 8:00 - 17:00). These slots are calculated by the constraints of the schedule.

  • Calendar: Where you schedule appointments, classes, and courses.

  • Membership plans with Wix Pricing Plans: A prepaid bundle of services, or a membership including access to certain services. Access a member's pricing plans with APIs by calling the checkoutBooking() function.

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