queryAttendance( )

Developer Preview

This API is subject to change. Bug fixes and new features will be released based on developer feedback throughout the preview period.

Retrieves attendance information for booked sessions, given the provided paging, filtering, and sorting.

When querying attendance information, you can query from the perspective of:

  • A booking. Specify a booking ID to retrieve attendance information for all sessions related to that booking.
  • A session. Specify a session ID to retrieve attendance information for all bookings related to that session.

For example, query by a course's bookingId and status = "NOT_ATTENDED" to retrieve the attendance of a given participant in a course. For example, this query helps you determine if a participant booked the course but did not attend most of its sessions, taking away spots for other potential participants.

Query Attendance runs with the following defaults, which you can override:

  • id sorted in ASC order
  • cursorPaging.limit is 50

For field support, see supported filters.


  • Another way to retrieve attendance information is to call Bookings Reader V2's Query Extended Bookings with withBookingAttendanceInfo as true.
  • Up to 100 results can be returned per request.
  • Only 1 filter is supported per query. If you define multiple filters in the same query, only the first is processed.

To learn about working with query endpoints, see API Query Language.


Permission Scopes

For app development, you must have one of the following permission scopes:
Manage Bookings Services and Settings
Manage Bookings
Read Bookings - Including Participants
Read Bookings - all read permissions
Manage Bookings - all permissions
Learn more about permission scopes.
Method Declaration
This method does not take any parameters
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