Supported Filters

queryExtendedBookings() runs with these defaults:

  • sorted by id in ASC order
  • cursorPaging.limit is 50

query.fields and query.fieldsets aren't supported for this endpoint.

The following table shows field support for filters for the booking object:

FieldSupported Filters
ideq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.sessionIdeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.serviceIdeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.scheduleIdeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.resource.ideq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.location.ideq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.slot.location.locationTypeeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.scheduleIdeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.serviceIdeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.location.ideq, ne, in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.location.locationTypeeq, ne, in
bookedEntity.tagshasSome, hasAll
contactDetails.contactIdeq, ne, in
statuseq, ne, in
paymentStatuseq, ne, in
selectedPaymentOptioneq, ne, in
createdDateeq, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin
externalUserIdeq, ne, in
createdBy.contactIdeq, ne, in, ne, in, ne, in, ne, in, ne, in
startDateeq, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin
endDateeq, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin
updatedDateeq, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin
doubleBookedeq, ne
participantsInfo.type.totalParticipants.valueeq, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin
participantsInfo.type.participantsChoices.serviceChoices.choices.optionIdhasSome, hasAll
participantsInfo.type.participantsChoices.serviceChoices.choices.choice.custom.valuehasSome, hasAll

You can only specify a filter only once per query. If a filter is provided more than once, only the first occurrence affects the returned bookings.

When using filters for dates, you must use UTC time.

Bookings belonging to a schedule don't have a sessionId. Therefore you must use the sessionId filter that isn't part of the query object to filter bookings for courses.

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