Extended Bookings: Supported Filters and Sorting

The following table shows field support for filters for the booking object. All fields listed are sortable.

FieldSupported Filters
id$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.sessionId$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.serviceId$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.scheduleId$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.resource.id$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.location.id$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.slot.location.locationType$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.scheduleId$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.serviceId$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.location.id$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.item.schedule.location.locationType$eq, $ne, $in
bookedEntity.tags$hasSome, $hasAll
contactDetails.contactId$eq, $ne, $in
status$eq, $ne, $in
paymentStatus$eq, $ne, $in
selectedPaymentOption$eq, $ne, $in
createdDate$eq, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $in, n$in
externalUserId$eq, $ne, $in
createdBy.contactId$eq, $ne, $in
createdBy.id.appId$eq, $ne, $in
createdBy.id.wixUserId$eq, $ne, $in
createdBy.id.memberId$eq, $ne, $in
createdBy.id.anonymousVisitorId$eq, $ne, $in
startDate$eq, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $in, n$in
endDate$eq, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $in, n$in
updatedDate$eq, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $in, n$in
doubleBooked$eq, $ne
participants$info.type.totalParticipants.value$eq, $ne, $gt, $gte, $lt, $lte, $in, n$in
participants$info.type.participantsChoices.serviceChoices.choices.optionId$hasSome, $hasAll
participants$info.type.participantsChoices.serviceChoices.choices.choice.custom.value$hasSome, $hasAll

Bookings belonging to a schedule don't have a sessionId. Therefore you must use the sessionId filter that isn't part of the query object to filter bookings for courses.

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