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The External Calendars API enables you to connect and sync a Wix site with external calendars.

With External Calendars, you can:

  • Establish a connection between a Wix site and an external calendar account.
  • Import events to a Wix site from a connected external calendar.
  • Export events from a Wix site's calendar to a connected external calendar.
  • Retrieve information about calendars belonging to an external calendar account.
  • Retrieve information about support for external calendar providers.

The External Calendars API provides built-in support for Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars. Integration with additional external calendars can be enabled by installing a calendar integration app from the Wix App Market.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • External calendar providers have different requirements for authentication. Use listProviders() to find out whether to connect with a provider using connectByOAuth() or connectByCredentials().
  • A connection’s syncConfig property contains settings for the external calendar connection, including whether importing and/or exporting of calendar events is enabled.
  • Only site collaborators with Bookings roles can book or edit their bookings. You can override the permissions with the elevate() function.


  • External calendar: A calender hosted by a third-party calendar service.
  • External calendar provider: The third-party service providing an external calendar. For example: Google, Apple, or Microsoft.
  • External calendar connection: A linkage established between a Wix site’s calendar and one or more external calendars, to enable importing and/or exporting calendar events.
  • Event: A single session or recurring session instance that appears in a specific block of time in a calendar, such as an appointment or class.
  • Schedule: Collection of all sessions that belong to the same class, course, appointment, or resource in a Wix site's calendar.

To use the External Calendars API, import { externalCalendars } from the wix-bookings.v2 module:

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