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With the Wix Bookings Service Options and Variants API, you can manage custom options and variants for services. This allows site owners to offer different prices for the same service based on their customers' choices.

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For a comprehensive glossary of Wix Bookings terms, see Terminology.

Before you begin

It's important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • To use the Service Options And Variants API, import { serviceOptionsAndVariants } from the wix-bookings.v2 module:

  • Only a single serviceOptionsAndVariants object is supported per service.

  • Currently, only a single option is supported per serviceOptionsAndVariants object.

  • New variants are automatically created for services with staff member-based options whenever a new staff member is added to the service. The new variant gets the default price of the service.

  • Variants are automatically deleted for services with staff member based options whenever a staff member is removed from the service or the business.

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