onContactMerged( )

An event that triggers when one or more source contacts are merged into a target contact.

The onContactMerged() event handler runs when a contact is merged. The received ContactMergedEvent object contains event metadata.

Merging contacts triggers these events:

  • onContactMerged() is triggered.
  • onContactUpdated() is triggered for the target contact. metadata.originatedFrom is sent as "merge".
  • onContactDeleted() is triggered for each source contact. metadata.originatedFrom is sent as "merge".

If you handle the originating merge event, you can ignore update and delete events where metadata.originatedFrom is set to "merge". When onContactUpdated() and onContactDeleted() are not triggered from a merge, originatedFrom is omitted from their event object.

Note: Backend events don't work when previewing your site.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Information about the source and target contacts, and metadata for the event.

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