afterQuery( )

A hook that is triggered after a find operation, for each of the items in the query results.

The afterQuery() hook runs when:

  • The find function is called.
  • An action is performed on a dataset that retrieves items from the collection.
  • The collection is viewed in the CMS.
  • An item is exported from the collection.

The hook runs once for each item in the collection.

Return an object or a Promise that resolves to an object from the afterQuery() function. The returned object will be used as the result of the call to the find function instead of the actual item found in the collection. If returning a Promise, the object is used as the result, whether the Promise is fulfilled or rejected.

If the returned value is of the wrong type, the value is ignored.

A rejected Promise also calls the onFailure() hook if it has been registered.

We recommend implementing afterQuery() with in-memory operations only. Don't use network calls such as REST API requests or other wix-data operations, as these can lead to timeouts and issues loading collection data.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

One of the items of the query result. The hook is called for each item in the results.


Contextual information about the hook.

Return Type:Promise<object> | object
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