Stores to eCommerce Address Object Conversion Table

The eCommerce APIs use a different address object to the one used in the Stores APIs. Notably, fields related to contact information have been moved to an adjacent contactDetails object (for example, in order.shippingInfo).

To help with conversion and migration, refer to the table below to check which fields have changed and how.

Fields that remain with the same name, in the same location, and with no changes in behavior are marked with an asterisk (*).

Note: In the eCommerce APIs, the buyer's email is only held in the buyerInfo field in the order object.

Previous Address ObjectNew Field LocationChange *
address.emailbuyerInfo.emailMoved to buyerInfo object
address.zipCodeaddress.postalCodeField name *
address.addressLine1 *address.addressLine1
address.addressLine2 *address.addressLine2
address.streetaddress.streetAddressField name
address.subdivision *address.subdivision
address.fullName.firstNamecontactDetails.firstNameMoved to contactDetails object
address.fullName.lastNamecontactDetails.lastNameMoved to contactDetails object
address.phonecontactDetails.phoneMoved to contactDetails object
address.companycontactDetails.companyMoved to contactDetails object
address.vatIdcontactDetails.vatIdMoved to contactDetails object
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