gt( )

Refines a query to match items where the specified property is greater than the specified value.

The gt() function refines a DiscountRulesQueryBuilder to match only items where the value of the specified propertyName is greater than the specified value. gt() matches only values of the same type. For example, 0 stored as a number doesn't match '0' stored as a string. If a property contains a number stored as a string (for example, '0'), that value is compared alphabetically and not numerically. If a property doesn't have a value, that value is ranked lowest. The following types of properties can be compared:

  • Number: Compares numerically.
  • Date: Compares JavaScript Date objects.
  • String: Compares lexicographically, so 'abc' is greater than 'ABC'.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Property whose value is compared with value.


Value to compare against.

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