The Discount Rules API allows you to create and manage discount rules. Discount rules are sets of triggers and scopes that together define the necessary conditions for a discount to apply to items in the cart/checkout. Discount rules are known as automatic discounts in the dashboard.

With the Discount Rules API, you can:

  • Create, update, and delete discount rules.
  • Retrieve discount rules.

Before you begin

  • Currently only item-level discounts are supported. Discounts for an entire cart/checkout are not yet supported.
  • Up to 5 triggers can be chained together.

To use the Discount Rules API, import { discountRules } from the wix-ecom-backend module:



  • Discount rule: A set of conditions (scope and trigger) that dictate whether an item/product qualifies for a specified discount.

  • Discount: The change applied to an item's price when conditions are met. Discounts can reduce an item's price by percentage or a specified amount, and also by setting an item to a fixed price.

    • Discounts must have a defined scope/s.
  • Scope: A group of catalog items that qualify for a discount.

    • Every catalog has 2 scopes "out of the box". For example, Wix Stores has Specific Products and All Products scopes.
    • Scopes are required in default triggers and discount objects.
    • Triggers and discounts can have multiple scopes.
  • Trigger: A set of conditions that must be met for a discount to become applicable. Triggers can be chained so that more than 1 condition must be met.

    • Default triggers: These built-in triggers fire when a specified minimum/maximum item quantity (for example, "at least 5 items") or cart subtotal ("no more than $100") is reached. For this trigger to fire, the items must also be part of a defined scope.
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