The Additional Fees service plugin (formerly SPI) is a service provider interface that allows site owners and collaborators to add additional fee calculations that don't come natively with Wix to their site. The service plugin allows you to change how apps, such as Wix Stores and Wix Bookings, calculate charges during checkout. Additional fees are calculated and seen in all eCommerce platform pages including cart, checkout, orders, and payments. Examples of additional fees are surcharges based on customer location, special handling during shipping, or gift wrapping.

Wix eCommerce calls the service plugin endpoint calculateAdditionalFees() to retrieve the relevant data for a site collaborator to add additional fees. Collaborators can then implement their own logic to calculate additional fees, and return the calculated fee data in the structure provided by Wix eCommerce.

Note that currency in the calculateAdditionalFees response must match your site's currency. You can find the currency of your site using the getPaymentCurrency() function.

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To add a service plugin

  1. Add the plugin to your site.
  2. Update the getConfig() function in the -config.js file that is added to your site during step 1.
  3. Update the calculateAdditionalFees() function in the .js file that is added to your site during step 1.
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