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Note: This module is universal. Functions in this module can run on both the backend and frontend, unless specified otherwise.

The Sender Details API contains the information that is displayed as the sender’s name and email address when sending an email from your Wix site.

With the Sender Details API you can:

  • Get your email sender details.
  • Update your email sender details.
  • Verify your sender email address.

Before you begin

Before you begin, it is important to note the following information.

If you send an email campaign with a public email domain (e.g. or, the email address isn't displayed in the 'from' header. Instead, the email address is replaced with (or for free users), and the sender's email is placed in the 'reply-to' header.

If you send an email campaign with an email from a Wix managed domain, that email will be displayed in the 'from' header. If you send an email from a custom domain that is not managed by Wix, a line will be inserted that states that the email was sent via

To use the Sender Details API, import { senderDetails } from the wix-email-marketing.v2 module:

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