cancelEvent( )

Cancels a Wix event and closes its registration.

The cancelEvent() function returns a Promise that resolves to the newly-canceled Wix event after the specified Wix event is successfully canceled.

This function does the following:

  • Changes the event status to "CANCELED". You can also see this status change in the Events collection.
  • Sends cancellation emails and/or pushes notifications to registered guests, if Wix event cancellation notifications are enabled.
  • Changes the registration status to CLOSED.

Canceled Wix events cannot be "un-canceled." You can only delete and copy them.

Tip: You can copy a canceled Wix event if you want to reinstate it. Copying an event resets the event's status and registration status.

When using the API, you do not need to cancel a Wix event before deleting it. When using the Wix Events app in the Editor, you must cancel the Wix event first.

Only those with "Manage Events" permissions can cancel Wix events.

Note: This function requires elevated permissions to run.

This function is not universal and runs only on the backend.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Event ID.

Return Type:Promise<WixEvent>
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