copyEvent( )

Copies a Wix event.

The copyEvent() function returns a Promise that resolves to the newly-copied Wix event after it has successfully been copied.

This function copies a Wix event, including its registration form, notifications, and ticket settings. The newly-copied event is scheduled two weeks from the date of the original event.

When copying Wix events:

  • If your site has multilingual enabled, and your event has additional, translated elements (such as registration messages), the translated elements are also copied to the new event.
  • When an event with same title already exists, the title of the newly-copied event has a numeric suffix in parentheses appended to it. For example: Copying an event titled "My Event" creates "My Event (1)".
  • Very long event titles are cropped: For example: "Daily stand-up ev... (2)". The maximum number of characters allowed is 120, which includes the suffix identifying the copy of the event.

The onEventCreated( ) event handler runs when a Wix event is copied. The received CreatedEvent object contains information about the new Wix event that was copied.

Only those with "Manage Events" permissions can copy Wix events.

Note: This function requires elevated permissions to run.

This function is not universal and runs only on the backend.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Event ID.

Return Type:Promise<WixEvent>
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