createEvent( )

Creates a Wix event.

The createEvent() function returns a Promise that resolves to the newly-created Wix event after it has successfully been created.

When creating an event, you must define if the event is an RSVP event or a ticketed event. This is stored in the registration.initialType property. After the initial save, you can further define event registration details. If you change the event's registration to be external or unnecessary, this is reflected in the registration.type property. The registration.initialType property after initial creation is read-only.

The new Wix event is created with a default registration form in the site's default language, using the site's default regional settings.

The default registration form includes input fields for first name, last name, and email. Keep in mind that the registration form for a ticketed event has different fields from the form for a non-ticketed event.

By default, the event is automatically configured to send daily summary reports of new registrations to the site's business email.

Only those with "Manage Events" permissions can create Wix events.

Note: This function requires elevated permissions to run.

This function is not universal and runs only on the backend.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Info used to create the Wix event.


Options to use when creating the Wix event.

Return Type:Promise<WixEvent>
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