Deprecation note: The RsvpForm object is being deprecated. Use the Form() object instead.

Using an RsvpForm, you can build custom RSVP experiences for your events.

You will need to have at least one existing event to create an RsvpForm.

Typical Custom RSVP Form Lifecycle

  1. In the Dashboard, set up a registration form for an event.
  2. Retrieve the ID of an event from the Events/Events collection.
  3. Create a new RsvpForm using the createEventRsvpForm() function with the ID retrieved above.
  4. Retrieve information about the RSVP form inputs in the form using the getRsvpData() function.
  5. In the Editor, add user input elements for each form inputs retrieved above. You may want to set the elements IDs to match the names of form input retrieved above.
  6. In the Editor, add a button that will be used to submit the form value to create a new RSVP.
  7. When the submit button is clicked, gather the values entered into the form in a FormValue array and use the submit() function to submit the values.
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