checkout( )

Performs a checkout on reserved tickets.

The checkout() function returns a Promise that resolves to a CheckoutResponse when the ticket reservation has been checked out.

To checkout tickets, you must first call the reserve() function to reserve the tickets.

Use the returned order to process payment for the tickets by passing the order's paymentId to the startPayment() function. Note that since the order has a paymentId, you do not need to first call createPayment() to create a payment.

Before using the startPayment() function, you will need to set up your site to accept payments. To learn more, see About Accepting Payments. When setting up your site to accept payments, be sure to select the payment methods you want to offer and set your payment currency.


  • To work with the Wix Events API, you need to publish your site.
  • With this function it's not possible to have separate ticket reservation forms for each ticket. You can only have 1 reservation form per ticket order.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the event that the ticket reservations are for.


ID of the ticket reservations.


Information related to the checkout.

Return Type:Promise<CheckoutResponse>
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