Wix Events allows site owners to create and manage events, including ticket sales, order tracking, and event policy management.

Wix Events include the following APIs:

  • WixEvents: Manage events.
  • Ticket Definitions: Manage the types of tickets available for purchase (for ticketed events).
  • Tickets: Retrieve information about the purchased tickets and check them in.
  • RSVP: Manage guest RSVP statuses (for RSVP events).
  • Categories: Create and assign various categories for events.
  • Orders: Manage and track ticket reservations, checkout, and orders.
  • Forms: Manage event registration forms.
  • Schedule: Create a detailed schedule for an event.
  • Schedule Bookmark: Bookmark a schedule item for a site member.
  • Guests: Get information about all guests who bought tickets to an event or who RSVP'ed.
  • Policies: Create and reorder event policies in the dashboard or checkout form.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • Install the Wix Events & Tickets app from Wix App Market.
  • A Wix service fee of 2.5% is charged for each ticket sold in ticketed events. This fee can either be passed on to the buyer or absorbed by the event owner.
  • To use the wix-events.v2 API, import the wix-events.v2 module.


  • Event: A gathering organized by an individual or business for a group of people. Our APIs support the following types of events:
    • RSVP: Non-ticketed events for which guests indicate whether they plan to attend.
    • Ticketed events: Events with tickets available for sale.
    • External registration events: Events where registration occurs on a different website, and Wix only displays event information.
  • Ticket definition: Settings defining the ticket options available for purchase for ticketed events. Each ticket definition requires a name, price, and currency.
  • Policy: Text that defines terms & conditions, as relevant.
  • Guest: The individual who has been invited to the event.
  • Ticket buyer: An individual who purchases 1 or more tickets to the event.
  • Check-in: The process of verifying a guest's attendance at the event.
  • Guest list: A summary of all guests who have been invited to the event.
  • Organizer: The person or entity responsible for planning and hosting the event.
  • Event Dashboard: Control center, which allows you to manage your site events settings and features.
  • Checkout form: The final step in the ticket purchasing process where the customer fills in personal info, reads policies, and pays.
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