createGroup( )

Creates a group.

The createGroup() function returns a Promise that resolves to a newly-created group after it has successfully been created. The new group is added to the Groups List page of your site.

Site admins can choose to allow site members to create a group. They can also require that site members request their approval when creating a group. This setting can be found in your site's Dashboard under Groups Application > General Settings > Group Creation. If set to admin approval required, a site member uses this function to create a group, and the group becomes a createRequest with a status of PENDING until the group is reviewed. The default is set to site members with admin approval.

Note: If the suppressAuth option is set to true, all permissions are overwritten, and all site members can create a group.

About the owner Parameter

  • The owner parameter in the groupInfo object is optional.
  • If the owner parameter is not specified, the value defaults to the site member ID of the creator of the group.
  • If the suppressAuth option is set to true, you must specifiy the owner parameter. suppressAuth works by removing the identity of an owner, and so it needs an identified owner to remove.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Group to create.


Authorization options.

Return Type:Promise<Group>
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