listJoinRequests( )

Lists requests to join a group.

Note: This function is only relevant for private groups.

The listJoinRequests() function returns a Promise that resolves to a list of up to 100 requests to join a group. Sorts by default to _createdDate in descending order. Only site admins and group admins can see requests to join their group. Site members can access their own join requests in their site.


  • If the suppressAuth option is set to true, all permissions are overwritten, and all site members (including non-group members) can see requests to join a group.
  • This function's parameters are positional, and must be specified in the sequence shown in the syntax below. When specifying a parameter, use null as a placeholder for any unspecified parameters. For example, to specify limit only, call listJoinRequests(groupId, paging, null). To specify supressAuth only, call listJoinRequests(groupId, null, options).
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the group requested to join.


Paging options.


Authorization options.

Return Type:Promise<ListJoinRequests>
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