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With Wix Inbox v2, site contributors can communicate with the site's visitors, contacts, and members through Wix Chat, SMS, a Facebook business page, or other channels. Visitor activities on the site and 3rd-party services can also be displayed in Inbox conversations.

The Inbox APIs expose functionality for working with a site's inbox. With the Inbox APIs, you can:

Read more about how site contributors work with Wix Inbox.


  • A message is sent from the business to the visitor or from the visitor to the business. Messages can be one of these types: basic, minimal, template, form, system. Learn more about message types.
  • A conversation is a collection of messages that takes place between two or more participants. Conversations are displayed in the site's Inbox, one conversation per site visitor, contact, or member.
  • A participant is the site visitor, contact, or member. Learn more about types of participant IDs.
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