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The Loyalty Transactions API allows you to retrieve transactions related to account activity in your site's loyalty program.

With the Loyalty Transactions API, you can:

Transactions are created when loyalty accounts perform various actions:

  • Earning points by making purchases.
  • Redeeming points for rewards.
  • Adjusting points balances.
  • Refunding points for previously redeemed rewards.
  • Points expiration.

To use the Loyalty Transactions API, import { transactions } from the wix-loyalty.v2 module:


Before you begin

It's important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • Transactions are read-only. You cannot create or modify transactions through this API.
  • The site must have a loyalty program set up to use this API.


  • Transaction: A record of an action that affects a loyalty account's point balance.
  • Earning transaction: A transaction that increases an account's point balance, typically from a purchase.
  • Redemption transaction: A transaction that decreases an account's point balance, usually when claiming a reward.
  • Adjustment transaction: A manual change to an account's point balance, often for customer service purposes.
  • Refund transaction: A transaction that reverses a previous redemption, returning points to the account.
  • Expiration transaction: A transaction that removes points from an account due to the loyalty program's expiration policy.
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