createCoupon( )

Creates a new coupon.

The createCoupon() function returns a Promise that resolves to an object containing the ID of the new coupon after it has been successfully created.

When creating a coupon, the specified couponInfo object must contain a value for exactly 1 of the following coupon properties. This defines the coupon type.

  • "moneyOffAmount"
  • "percentOffRate"
  • "fixedPriceAmount"
  • "buyXGetY"
  • "freeShipping"

When creating a new coupon, the specified couponInfo object must contain values for name, code, startTime, and either scope or minimumSubtotal. The exception is for a freeShipping coupon type, for which you cannot apply a scope and minimumSubtotal is optional.

The coupon scope defines the items a coupon applies to. You can apply a coupon to all items in a specific Wix application, a group within the application, or a single item within a group.

The following table lists the currently supported coupon scopes:

stores----Applies to all store products
storesproductproduct IDApplies to the specific store product with the provided ID
storescollectioncollection IDApplies to the specific store collection with the provided ID
bookings----Applies to all bookings services
bookingsserviceservice IDApplies to the specific bookings service with the provided ID
eventseventevent IDApplies to the specific event with the provided ID
eventsticket--Applies to all event tickets
eventsticketticket IDApplies to the specific event ticket with the provided ID
pricingPlans----Applies to all pricing plans
pricingPlansplanplan IDApplies to the specific pricing plan with the provided ID
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

The information to use when creating the coupon.

Return Type:Promise<CouponId>
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