updateCouponFields( )

Updates the specified fields of an existing coupon.

The updateCouponFields() function returns a Promise that resolves when the coupon is successfully updated.

Only the properties passed in the CouponInfo object will be updated. All other properties will remain the same.

To remove a value from the coupon, pass its corresponding property with a value of null.

When updating a coupon, you cannot change the coupon's type. For example, if the coupon's type is moneyOffAmount, you cannot change it to fixedPriceAmount. You can update the coupon type's value. For example, you can change the value of moneyOffAmount from 5 to 10.

The coupon scope defines the items a coupon applies to. You can apply a coupon to all items in a specific Wix application, a group within the application, or a single item within a group.

The following table lists the currently supported coupon scopes:

stores----Applies to all store products
storesproductproduct IDApplies to the specific store product with the provided ID
storescollectioncollection IDApplies to the specific store collection with the provided ID
bookings----Applies to all bookings services
bookingsserviceservice IDApplies to the specific bookings service with the provided ID
eventseventevent IDApplies to the specific event with the provided ID
eventsticket--Applies to all event tickets
eventsticketticket IDApplies to the specific event ticket with the provided ID
pricingPlans----Applies to all pricing plans
pricingPlansplanplan IDApplies to the specific pricing plan with the provided ID
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the coupon to update.


The information to update the coupon with.

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