getDownloadUrl( )

Gets a temporary download URL with a token for a specified file in the Media Manager.

The getDownloadUrl() function returns a Promise that resolves to a download URL for a specified file in the Media Manager.

Pass the file's URL in the fileUrl parameter, as returned in the fileUrl property of the getFileInfo(), importFile(), upload(), and listFiles() functions. When the download URL is clicked, the specified file downloads to your device.

You can use the getDownloadUrl() function to allow external clients to download a file from the Media Manager to their device.

This function provides a temporary URL for downloading a single file. If you need permanent download URLs for one or more files, use the downloadFiles() function.


  • The download URL with the token is valid for a single file download only. getDownloadUrl() must be called for each file that you want to download.
  • This function's parameters are positional, and must be specified in the sequence shown in the syntax below. When specifying a parameter, use null as a placeholder for any unspecified parameters. For example, to specify downloadedFileName only, call getDownloadUrl(fileUrl, null, downloadedFileName, null).
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

The file's Wix media URL in the following format: 'wix:image://v1//#originWidth=&originHeight=[&watermark=]'.


The time (in minutes) it takes for the download URL to expire. Defaults to 600. Limit is 525600 (1 year).


The downloaded file's name. Defaults to the file's name displayed in the Media Manager.


The redirect URL for when the download URL with a token has expired. Defaults to a 403 Forbidden response page.

Return Type:Promise<string>
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