listFolders( )

Gets a list of folders from the Media Manager by parentFolderId (or root).

The listFolders() function returns a Promise that resolves to information about the folders in the folder.

To get a list of folders within a specific folder in the Media Manager, pass the folder's ID in the parentFolderId parameter. If no folder is specified, the listFolders() function returns the list of folders in the root folder of the Media Manager.

Note: This function's parameters are positional, and must be specified in the sequence shown in the syntax below. When specifying a parameter, use null as a placeholder for any unspecified parameters. For example, to specify parentFolderId only, call listFolders(filters, null, null). For example, to specify sorting only, call listFolders(null, sorting, null).

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Folder filter options.


Sorting options.


Paging options.

Return Type:Promise<Array<FolderInfo>>
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