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Note: This module is universal. Functions in this module can run on both the backend and frontend, unless specified otherwise.

The Members API allows you to create and manage a site's members.

With the Members API, you can:

  • Create, update, and delete site members.
  • Retrieve member's information from your site.
  • Add the currently logged in member to your site's community, or remove the member from your site's community.
  • Clear a member's contact information such as their addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

To use the Members API, import { members } from the wix-members.v2 module.


Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • You must add the Members Area app on your site.

Permissions information

The following functions in Members are restricted and only run if you elevate permissions using the wix-auth elevate() function:

Warning: Elevating a function allows it to be called by any site visitor. Exercise caution to prevent security vulnerabilities.


  • Members: Site visitors who have signed up as members through your site's Member Signup Form. Members have their own profiles and can interact with other members of the site community.
  • Site Community: A platform on your site where members can interact with eachother.
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