updateMember( )

Updates a member's properties.

Only the requested fields are updated. To clear a field's value, set an empty value with an empty string "".

Note: Updating the contact.addresses, contact.emails, or contact.phones array overwrites the entire array, so any existing values you want to retain must be passed in the updateMember() call along with the new values to add. However, passing an empty array will have no effect, and these functions must be used to clear all data from the respective array:

  • To clear contact.addresses, use deleteMemberAddresses().
  • To clear contact.emails, use deleteMemberEmails().
  • To clear contact.phones, use deleteMemberPhones().

Note: Only logged-in members can call this function without elevated permissions. To call this function as a different identity, elevated permissions are required.

Permission Scopes

For app development, you must have one of the following permission scopes:
Manage Members
Manage Bookings Services and Settings
Learn more about permission scopes.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Member ID.

Return Type:Promise<Member>
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